Supporting the mental health of young

1 in 7 10-19 year olds experience mental health issues. It can be a difficult time growing up and learning how to deal with your emotions.
If you have young people in your family it can be difficult to say the right thing!
However with exam results and back to school happening soon, it can be a stressful time. We want to give you a few tips that might help the young people in your life.

Having a mental health conversation

Listen to their opinions. Not just about mental health but in general, let them know their thoughts and feelings are valid.
Identify emotions. It can be difficult for children to understand all the emotions they feel.
Have regular conversations. Make it a regular occurrence to talk about how everyone feels.
Actively listen to them. They may not want advice, rather just a safe space to vent. Let them speak and then see if they want advice.

Signs your child may be struggling

Significant changes in behavior. They may be becoming more angry or irritable.

Withdrawing from social situations. This may mean they’re more isolated with family or seeing friends less.

Difficulty sleeping. Regularly having poor nights sleep is a key sign of a mental health issue.

Not looking after themselves. For example poor personal hygiene or a very dirty bedroom.

Dramatic weight loss, weight gain or changes in eating habits.

NHS advice if you’re worried about your child

Results Day

With exam results looming it can be a stressful time with a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.
Here are some top tips for helping:

Here are some top tips for helping:

Encourage them to talk to friends. All their friends are in the same position and can help support each other.

Ensure they keep a good sleep routine for their mental wellbeing.

Avoid offering rewards based on grades. It can add extra pressure and discourage them if they don’t receive the grades.

Plan for the day. They may want to open their results with you, their friends or one their own. Plan their day afterwards so they have something to look forward to.

Its all about perspective! Remind them grades do not define their future or their success. Their results are just the first steps in one long journey!

Celebrate their success, regardless of results. Their education has not been easy over the past 2 years and they have made it through!

Remember, there is always a career in construction!

Important Dates:
A-Level Results Day -Thursday 18th August
GCSE Results Day – Thursday 25th August
Back to school – First week of September

Starting school

We all remember our first day at school, no matter how long ago it was!
Take a look at the links below for tips to help your child with the anxiety of starting a new school.

Tips for starting Primary School

Tips for starting Secondary School

Going back to school

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