GKR maintains FORS Silver as it works towards Gold

Following on from another successful audit, GKR has maintained its FORS Silver accreditation and is working towards the Gold standard for its fleet. 

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary scheme that promotes working to standards above best practice for commercial vehicle operators. 

It promotes and accredits based on high standards in safety, efficiency and environmental protection. 

This time the audit included additional requirements, including assessing our noise pollution and further training on fuel efficiency.   

GKR Scaffolding has always been committed to safe and responsible transport and logistics management and has used the FORS framework to support this.  

All GKR drivers attend Safe Urban Driving workshops as they provide drivers with an important refresh of the dangers on London’s roads.  

GKR’s whole fleet is Euro 6 compliant and fitted with trackers which link to full driver behaviour telematics that are monitored on an ongoing basis. 

Vehicle fuel/emissions data is monitored on a weekly basis and communicated to drivers at regular workshop meetings with the GKR Fuel and Emissions Champion.  

Routing is carried out via the bespoke GKR Integrated Management System and Fleet Telematics to optimise for time and reduced CO2 emissions.  

Direct Vision of the GKR fleet has also been approved. All new vehicles will be 5-Star Direct Vision with the fleet being entirely upgraded throughout 2021. This will then be used alongside sensors and alerts used by drivers for potential hazard identification.  

As well as working towards FORS Gold and the upgrade to Direct Vision vehicles, the company have been putting a roadmap together to meet Zero Carbon targets. 

GKR will be making announcements shortly. 

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