World Wellbeing Week

Its World Wellbeing Week.  

The pandemic affected everyone differently and for lots of people their mental health may have been affected. This could be you or someone you know.    

This World Wellbeing Week we want to encourage everyone to consider the 5 steps to better wellbeing. This may help boost your mental health, but it also may help you reach out and connect with those who may have struggled over the pandemic.  

5 Steps to better wellbeing  


This has been an important factor throughout the pandemic. We have continued to work throughout the pandemic and its easy to forget that some people have felt quite isolated and alone.  

Many of us have seen a lot less of our family and friends, so it’s important to reach out to them for your mental health and for theirs.  

Be Active 

Despite working in a physically demanding job, it is key to stay active. Just a few hours of exercise each week is proven to boost your mental health. 

Whether you go on a run, bike ride or go to the gym it is a great way to switch off and destress. 


It may just be a small act of kindness, or it could be volunteering in your local community. Either way, giving back can give you a great sense of purpose and can help you feel more positive.  

A simple and affective way to give is to donate blood. It is quick and easy and saves lives. 


Many of us attempted to learn something new during the original lockdown boredom!  

Research shows that learning new skills can improve your mental wellbeing. It may be as simple as taking on a new DIY project or brushing up on your cooking skills.  

Take Notice  

It can be easy to get caught up in the big picture. At the moment many of us may find ourselves worrying about future plans.  

Try to spend some time focusing on the moment and what is happening now. Paying attention to what is happening right now can avoid you feeling overwhelmed.  

Useful Apps 

Sleep Apps – Getting a good nights sleep is key to better wellbeing. The following apps may help you get a better nights sleep:  




Mood tracking apps allow you to track how you feel each day, this is a great way to notice patterns and to realise what it is that may affect your wellbeing.   



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