Stoptober means quitting smoking or alcohol throughout October.

Quitting these things can majorly improve your mental and physical health.

A month without alcohol will better your hydration and sleep so you feel more productive. Your liver, stomach and skin will have also benefited from no alcohol.

Within 20 minutes of no smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure go down. In 12 hours, the carbon monoxide levels in your body go back to normal. Within a couple of weeks, your circulation improves. You are more likely to quit after going 28 days smoke free…

So, why don’t you do Stoptober?

Smoking and Vaping

We all know the risks of smoking and vaping. Although vaping is considered better for you, it is still putting cancerous chemicals into your body.

Quitting smoking helps you to improve your health, your energy levels, and can help you save a lot too!

With the money you save you could reward yourself, or use the money with the festive period soon approaching.

Make a positive plan to stop smoking or vaping by following these first steps…

Set a date to quit
Tell your friends
Anticipate cravings and challenges
Remove any associations to smoking
Talk to someone for help


Have you felt like you have drank too much recently?

Why don’t you consider cutting down drinking before the festive period?

Cutting down on alcohol can help you to; lose weight, have more energy, improve your health and help you save money!

Top Tips

Try drinking alcohol alternatives, such as;

  • Kombucha
  • 0% Alcohol
  • Ginger Beer, elderflower or a cordial
  • Mocktails

Do something with friends that isn’t centered around drinking…

Tips for staying on track

  • Remember why you started
  • Tell people you are quitting
  • List your triggers and learn how to avoid them
  • Tips for Staying on Track
  • Have a game plan
  • Reward yourself, use the money you save and treat yourself!
  • Do the challenge with someone else
  • Do activities that you won’t want to smoke or drink at

Useful Apps

Smoke Free
NHS Drink Free Days
Smoke Free
I Am Sober
Quit Smoking

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