Staying Motivated During Dry January


1 in 7 of us are pledging to do Dry January this year.  

If you have been thinking about doing Dry January, it’s not too late to start! Or maybe you just want to try and have a few more weekends off drinking this year.

Whatever you’re doing we want to give you some useful tips and tools to help keep you motivated.

Alcohol alternatives

Try to find your new go-to drink. After a while, soft drinks and water can get boring. Try to find some interesting alternatives.

We’ve found that often when you think you’re craving an alcoholic drink you’re really craving the sugar. Try having a drink with sugar to help the craving.

Here are some alcohol alternatives:

  • Alcohol free beer, wine, ciders and spirits.
  • Mocktails.
  • Kombucha.
  • Ginger Beer, elderflower or a cordial.

Click here for best alcohol alternatives

Click here best non-alcoholic beers

Staying motivated

There is no doubt that there may be times where you lose motivation, follow the links below for apps to help if you’re struggling to keep on track.

  • Get a friend to join and help motivate you.  
  • Save up the money you’d usually spend on alcohol and treat yourself to a big purchase.
  • Be the designated driver and ask your friends to pay for your drinks in return.
  • Try and find something to substitute when you normally go out. Instead of going to the pub try a new activity like cycling or golf.
  • Remember how you feel. After a night of drinking, you feel tired, unwell and low in your mood. When you’re not drinking you feel more energised, you look better, and you have more free time.

How to manage a sober night out

Think ahead. Plan for things like, how will you respond to questions about you not drinking? How will you deal with the urge to drink?

Go somewhere where the main focus isn’t drinking. Choose somewhere where there’s an activity, like pool or darts.  

Pre pick your drink. This will avoid last minute pressure and avoid you just ordering your usual.

Be open about it. Tell people what you are doing, they may be able to help motivate you.

Find a sober friend. You may be surprised at the amount of people that chose not to drink on a night out, try and chat with them.

Throw people off the scent. People may try to insist on buying you a drink. If you have something in your hand that looks like alcohol you can just say you don’t need one.

Know when it’s time to go home. If you are out for too long, you may be tempted to drink.

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