Living with COVID


COVID restrictions have been removed from legislation, including the legal requirement to isolate if you contract COVID19.
This TBT gives you an overview of what has changed and what this means for you at work.

You no longer need to isolate if you have COVID

You no longer need to stay at home if you have COVID.
There is no legal requirement for you to tell your employer if you have COVID either.
Therefore, we need you to make sensible decisions about your contact with others if you continue to work. If you do have COVID, it is advisable that you stay at home if you feel unwell.
If you are at work after testing positive or suspect you have COVID, consider your colleagues by keeping distance, washing your hands regularly and wearing a clean face covering in communal areas.

If you or someone you live with is clinically vulnerable

We understand that for some of you, the removal of these restrictions will be concerning due to your own health status, or that of someone in your household.
If you were advised to shield at any point during the pandemic due to your own health or because of living with a vulnerable person, or you have genuine concerns that exposure to COVID would cause you a critical health problem, you must email Ginte (in confidence) asap.
You will be risk assessed in line with previous COVID guidance so you can continue to work safely.

SSP for isolation ended March 24th 2022

You were able to claim SSP from the first day of isolation and this ended on March 24th.
Normal SSP rules will apply if you are isolating and/or unwell with COVID.
The GKR policy of borrowing unaccrued holiday to support isolation periods has ended.

Working to COVID RAMS ends on April 1st 2022

The legal requirement to include COVID in our risk assessments and therefore our ways of working and working environment ends on April 1st.
However, if your project has specific guidance in place in line with their own policy, we ask that you respect any rules that are in place at your workplace.

Availability of free tests ends on April 1st 2022

If you would like to continue to test for COVID, or you suspect you have the virus, you will need to purchase tests from this date.
Estimated costs are around £20 for a box of 7 tests and we expect them to still be widely available through pharmacies.

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