Leading a Healthier Lifestyle

62% of the population is overweight and there are close links to obesity and mental health issues.
Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about weight loss. Your food fuels your body and can control your mood.
We want everyone to feel their best so they can perform well at work and feel good in themselves.

Tips for change

  • Use an online calculator to find out how many calories you should be eating.
  • Track your meals. Tracking your food may help you see where you can make a change.
  • Plan your meals. You will be less likely to be tempted to go for unhealthy options.
  • Eat high protein meals. Protein will keep you fuller for longer
  • Commit to one small change at a time. Each week try to do something for a healthier lifestyle
  • Factor in things you enjoy. Don’t forget to still eat and drink things you enjoy!


Although you work in a psychically demanding job, it is important to exercise outside of work. It improves your overall health and has proven mental health benefits.
The likelihood of suffering from depression is 22% less for people who exercise for 150 minutes a week.
Out of 1,158 studies, 89% found a significant positive association between exercise and mental health.
The top three exercises were:

  • General physical activity (this represents any movement)
  • Cardiovascular activity
  • Yoga

What are you drinking?

Energy Drinks
Energy drinks are full of caffeine, sugar and other stimulants.
Energy drinks don’t really provide you with energy they often leave you feeling worse and they can trigger anxiety.

Alcohol is bad for your waistline and your mental health!
As a depressant it will leave you feel low and anxious the day after drinking.
is very closely linked to the majority of suicide cases.

Your brain is 80% water!
Staying hydrated is key to how we think and feel.
You should be drinking 2 litres of water a day more if it is hot weather or you’re doing physical work

Simple Swaps

You can make small swaps that you don’t even notice but they can make a big difference!

Useful Links

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