Damac Tower

3D modelling to design and build a cantilevered platform linking two buildings

Delivering a safe project, considered high-risk

Damac Tower at Nine Elms in Vauxhall is a linked construction of two 50 floor blocks connected at the 18th floor. GKR was tasked with installing a suspended cantilevered access platform between the two buildings for principal contractor, Multiplex.

Our challenge was to design and build a full working platform connecting the 18th floors of the North and South towers to allow for the installation of a steel frame linking the two.

The complexity of the works in a busy part of London, neighbouring a railway line and station, was considered high-risk. It was paramount that works were delivered safely with minimal disruption to the surrounding community.

Our solution was planned for over a year

GKR worked closely with the client for over a year before work commenced to build in safety and operational efficiency by design.

We also worked closely with Network Rail to plan around the proximity of the train station.

Our in-house engineering team used 3D designs, allowing for greater depth of visualisation for the client and other trades at the planning stage. This enabled them to understand the complexity and load bearing considerations needed for the cantilevered structure.

The main cantilever is 12m out from the internal support scaffold requiring a complex system of beams to enable all imposed loads to transfer back through the structure.
The build also required us to create 3 separate scaffold structures with movement joints to allow for 50mm of movement between the two buildings.

GKR’s Elimin8 fitting was used throughout to ensure all materials used at height were tethered and secure.

The outcome minimised any risk by design

The project is testament to great engineering and a highly skilled team of operatives working on a complex structure at height.

The environment and working time restrictions led to difficult conditions at times for the team, such as when working at night. However, the highly engineered solution minimised risk by design and delivered the work on time.


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