High Performing Teams

Our responsibility is to create a culture that allows people to perform at their best.

We start by recruiting and employing the right people; building teams of directly employed staff that demonstrate our high standards and values consistently.

The GKR Leadership Team has analysed what drives high performance teams and two main themes underpin our strategy: 

Continuous Improvement and Psychological Safety.

This contributes to our aim to be a learning organisation where we actively measure and encourage feedback, to improve what we do.

Continuous improvement is embedded in our culture and its process is applied to everything we do: from planning and implementation, through to measuring the impact, and using the results to learn and improve.

However, continuous improvement processes only work in a ‘psychologically safe’ working environment.

Research proves that high performing teams are more likely to be psychologically safe – openly discussing mistakes and ways to make improvements. These environments are safer, more innovative and are better places to work. We promote this internally via our #SpeakUp campaign which requires all managers and colleagues to encourage the discussion of mistakes, asking for help and sharing of ideas. This allows ‘continuous improvement’ to live and breathe in our business.
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