As an employer, it is our responsibility to create a culture and environment that allows people to perform at their best.

Culture that creates high performing teams

Allowing people to perform at their best means developing high performance teams.

We start by recruiting and employing the right people; building teams of directly employed staff that demonstrate our high standards and values consistently.


Training that adapts to all learning styles

All our staff are qualified to the required level for their role, with the relevant experience. Our people are invested in via technical training, mentoring and enhanced management training at the GKR Academy.

Using training techniques developed to appeal to the more hands-on learning style of our operatives that is also neuro-inclusive, the GKR Academy runs a number of courses to enhance management and supervisory skills.
Training is conducted via simulated learning experiences related to management theory and practice.
We have an industry leading Apprenticeship programme, actively support trainee scaffolders and create personal development plans that develop skills outside technical training.
We are continuously improving the performance of all on-site teams, our next generation operatives and supervisors, and how we work with our clients for the future.

Wellbeing for life, not just for work

We have a holistic wellbeing programme addressing mental health including triggers such as lifestyle, nutrition and fitness.

We have a large number of trained mental health first aiders as well as regular toolbox talks and resources that are shared across the entire workforce. You can see them at this link:

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