Working to COVID19 Site Operating Procedures

As we are working under new social distancing measures, directed by Site Operating Procedures and Public Health England guidance, we want to assure clients that we have robust processes in place.

We have successfully mobilised a large proportion of our workforce and have established the following procedures: 

  • COVID19 Safety Audits to enable us to work with our clients to ensure that sites implement and control appropriate measures under Site Operating Procedures before our people commence work.
  • COVID19 Risk Assessments are completed and written specifically for each site.
  • Weekly Supervisors’ Inspections to enable every project lead to review how SOP is being controlled on site with respect to the volumes of operatives and trades.
  • Operational Guidance based on live site environments to help operatives share learnings when adapting to new methods for working 2 metres apart.
  • Infection Control and Continuity Plans so we know what to do if anyone goes into isolation, and how we protect and support our employees without impacting business operations.
  • Remobilisation Strategy and ongoing support to build the confidence of staff and share essential information when returning to work after furlough. 
  • Project Manager COVID19 Working Forum hosted on Zoom every Thursday to allow all Directors in the Leadership Team to be updated on site operations and for the PMs to share information with each other across the business.

Industry collaboration

Additionally, members of the leadership team have also been working with industry bodies such as Build UK and the Construction Leadership Council, contributing to taskforces that shape current guidance and recommendations for the future of the industry. 

We are actively involved in groups relating to Site Operating Procedures, PPE and Government support schemes related to economic recovery.

Ensuring safety

It is important to remind everyone, that our usual safety standards should not be compromised because of social distancing. 

Our project teams are still accountable to the same safety processes, and we have a full working Health and Safety Team including Scaffold Inspectors who are supporting and managing these standards.

Increasing productivity

Our on-site teams are comfortable with adapting to and sharing learnings on working to new guidance.

We are able to largely work with the 2-metre distancing rule without a significant impact on productivity. However, with the limits on number of operatives permitted on site, this inevitably impacts on output.

Also new site logistics and social distancing measures do slow any movement around site and in communal areas.

We are working with our clients to maximise productivity, safely, with fewer numbers of operatives when directed. However, for project planning and bidding, we will happily advise on the impact on your programme if required.

For more information on how we are managing our business and operations at this time, please contact:

Helen Gawor

Business Strategy Director

Tel. 07884 438311



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