TFL Vision Zero: Our commitment to safe and responsible transport and logistics

GKR Scaffolding has always been committed to safe and responsible transport and logistics management.

This is in order to contribute to keeping our streets and communities safer and cleaner, whilst encouraging our employees to stay safe when travelling to and from their place of work.

All operations will always work to the highest level of safety to protect the general public and have minimal impact on the local community and environment.

We ensure we work safely around the busy streets of London with safety by design to eliminate any risk of tools or materials falling from height. Our general operations and safety when working at a public interface and regarding deliveries to site, will be monitored as part of the GKR Health and Safety process, and regularly audited and inspected.

GKR recently invested in moving its entire fleet to the Scania L-Series Model which gives our Fleet drivers 5-Star Direct Vision by putting them on the same level as domestic vehicles and thus detecting vulnerable road users and pedestrians easier than standard HGV models.

Our fleet vehicles are fitted with trackers which provide us with full driver telematics which is monitored on a weekly basis. Vehicle fuel/emissions data is also monitored on a weekly basis and communicated to drivers via the GKR Fuel and Emissions Champion. GKR has an anti-idling policy across the fleet using telematics to control this. GKR fleet vehicles are fitted with 360o CCTV to assist with incident reporting.

We carefully plan all works to minimise disruption to pedestrians, traffic and cycling routes. Routing is carried out via our bespoke GKR Integrated Management System and Fleet Telematics. All GKR fleet vehicles enter London as early as possible, leaving the Rochester depot by 5.30am to avoid peak times, minimising risks to pedestrians/cyclists. This improves fuel economy, lowering our CO2 footprint due to continuous movement.

In accordance with GKR Health and Safety Policy all incidents and near misses shall be reported and investigated. The conclusions of the findings shall be reviewed by GKR Directors and in addition to the recommendations being implemented, this action plan shall be reviewed in conjunction with TFL and be amended to allow continuous improvement.

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