Lee and Peter’s Marathon Update

With just over 2 months to go, Lee and Peter have come a long way! With significantly reduced waistlines and not a beer in sight they remain committed to their strict training regimes.

With many miles completed they on track for the big day. Lee has accomplished 230 miles since the start of 2020 and Peter has completed 156 miles.

They’ve been pushing their endurance to the limit with increasingly longer runs. Lee ended his week with a 20 mile run on Friday and Peter is getting ready to run 14 miles this weekend.

It is evident from the picture that their hard work is paying off. Losing 35kg between them, they can now fit into their marathon vests. Their weight loss has been enhanced by their new diets, with Lee recently adopting a vegan lifestyle.

Of course, all this training doesn’t come without its struggles. Lee recently suffered from a knee and ankle injuries which has made the gruelling training even harder. Peter has found that the adverse weather conditions has made training far more difficult. It goes without saying that avoiding alcohol hasn’t been easy for them either!

However, they both have described a great sense of achievement when completing their runs. Lee’s biggest highlight so far has been completing a 20 mile run in 2 hours 57 minutes. Peter has found his biggest achievement has been committing to the lifestyle change and running programme. 

The overwhelming support from so many of our colleagues in our industry has given Lee and Peter the extra motivation needed. Knowing that the donations made are going to such a great cause makes all the training worth it!

Lee Rowswell said, “The generosity of the people in our industry is overwhelming. Not only is the Lighthouse Club a great charity, we know that everyone is genuinely supporting us in getting through our training and Marathon day.”

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