Improving Mental Health in the Construction Industry

As a company that is dedicated to creating safe and secure work environments, we are committed to supporting the mental health of all our employees and those within the construction industry.

Recent studies have shown that 83% of construction workers have experienced a mental health issue, and this number is too high. We believe that together, we can work towards decreasing this amount and improving the mental health of all those in the industry.

Check in on your colleagues and friends

One of the key steps towards improving mental health is to check in on your colleagues and friends. Many people may not feel comfortable opening up about their struggles, but a simple conversation can make a world of difference. Showing someone that you care and are there for them can help to alleviate feelings of isolation and stress. We encourage everyone to take the time to check in on those around them, and to make it a regular practice.

At GKR Scaffolding, we believe in supporting our staff’s mental health. This means providing resources and tools to help employees cope with stress and anxiety, as well as fostering a culture of open communication. We encourage our team members to take breaks when needed, to speak up if they are feeling overwhelmed, and to seek help if necessary. By supporting the mental health of our staff, we are creating a more positive and productive work environment for everyone.

Ask Twice

Often when someone asks, “Are You Okay?”, people automatically say “I’m fine” even if they’re not. It is important to #AskTwice, to see if they tell you how they really feel.

Try saying something like-

“How are things really?”

“Did you get on alright today?”

“How do you feel about……?”

“You don’t seem yourself, are you sure you’re okay?”

How to respond

• Take them seriously – listen to what they have to say

• Ask some questions to try to understand how they are feeling, such as; How long have you felt like this? How can I help? Have you spoken to anyone?

• Don’t try to fix it. Don’t offer advice you’re not experienced in

• Suggest somewhere they can get help. Lighthouse construction Helpline, for example or a GKR Mental Health First Aider.

• After speaking to them, treat them as you usually would. Unless someone is distressed, they still want to feel included.

Talk openly about the issue

Talking openly about mental health is another important step towards decreasing the number of mental health issues in the construction industry. Too often, mental health is stigmatised and seen as a weakness. However, by opening up the conversation and normalizing the topic, we can help people feel more comfortable seeking help when needed. We encourage everyone to be open and honest about their mental health struggles, and to support others in doing the same.

Finally, raising awareness about mental health is crucial. The more people know about mental health and its impact on individuals and society as a whole, the better equipped we are to address the issue. We encourage everyone to learn more about mental health, to share information and resources with their colleagues and friends, and to take action towards improving the mental health of all those in the construction industry.

Raise awareness

At GKR Scaffolding, we are committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees. This includes supporting the mental health of our team members and those within the construction industry. By checking in on colleagues and friends, supporting staff mental health, talking openly about the issue, and raising awareness, we can work towards decreasing the number of mental health issues in the industry. Together, we can make a difference.

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