GKR Scaffolding achieve FORS Gold

Only 5% of FORS accredited operators achieve Gold status and after working towards this standard since achieving FORS Silver, GKR has been accredited with FORS Gold.

FORS Gold recognises exceeding industry standards in operating, management and environmental controls. As well as highlighting those that are achieving and creating new standards within the industry.

The construction industry is increasingly requiring its contractors to be accredited with FORS Silver and Gold to contribute to both environmental targets and safer streets.

The FORS Gold Standard audits key components, including sustainable operations, professional development, performance data, staff travel, contracted services, and recruitment and retention.

Our Net Zero Carbon strategy has improved fleet efficiency considerably. For example, we use weekly Vehicle Lost Time reporting to measure and reduce fuel usage and emissions. This has been aided by the switch to HVO fuels, reducing emissions by 93%.  

This has been a significant contributing change that saw us becoming a Carbon Neutral Business in June 2021.

Additionally, ongoing professional development of the drivers demonstrated how we encourage, motivate and support our staff. We provide all our fleet staff with extra training, such as Safe Urban Driving workshops.  

GKR has a well established bespoke Integrated Management System which allows us to use technology to optimise our operations to maximise fleet efficiency.  The system is accessible to operations management, making planning and logistics far easier as well as live tracking throughout the day.

GKR recently invested in moving its entire fleet to 5-Star Direct Vision highlighting our commitment to safer streets. We want to create a safer environment for everyone during our operations and safer communities where we work. FORS Gold recognises how we ensure safe driving behaviour, reduced emissions and planning for minimal impact on communities we operate in.

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