GKR hits Gold for 4th time

GKR hits Gold for 4th time

23 May 2016

GKR awarded ‘Considerate Contractors Gold Award 2016’


GKR have been awarded the Gold Award by the City of London Considerate Contractor Schemes judging panel for the 4th time having previously won in 2011, 2010 and 2008.

The panel judge each member on the overall performance of all their personnel working within the City during the past year which saw GKR working on such sites as:


  • 22 Bishopsgate – Brookfield Multiplex
  • 15 Bishopsgate – Brookfield Multiplex
  • 100 Bishopsgate – Brookfield Multiplex
  • Bloomberg – Sir Robert McAlpine
  • Principle Place – Brookfield Multiplex
  • Aviva Building ( Project Swan ) – Como / OAG
  • AIG Building ( 58 Fenchurch Street ) – Structuretone
  • Dixon House  ( Fenchurch Street ) – ISG Group
  • Can of  Ham – St Marys Axe – Mace Limited
  • 2-6 Cannon Street – Erith Demolition
  • Angel Court – Mace Limited

Gold Award 2016 - stage


Members of the scheme agree to follow the Code of Good Practice (see below). This commitment which exceeds the legal minimum requirements ensures that general standards of work are raised and the condition and safety of City streets and pavements are improved for the benefit of everyone living, working or travelling through the Square Mile.

The contractors are judged annually on their performance during that year against the schemes code of practice (see below), by regular monitoring and public feedback. A judging panel carries out a site inspection to complete the assessment which is then followed by The Lord Mayor presenting the awards.

Gold Award 2016


The Scheme Code of Practice 

For more info please click to access CCS website

As a participating member of the Considerate Contractor Scheme (CCS) and Considerate Contractor Streetworks Scheme (CCSS), we undertake, in addition to legal obligations, to ensure that site personnel are educated to observe the following points of considerate conduct. We also undertake to put right quickly any statutory infringements or breaches in the code of good practice and understand that continual justifiable complaints by the public or the Corporation will lead to our expulsion from the scheme. The City of London expects a member of the scheme to abide by the following principles:


All works will be carried out safely and in such a way that it will not inconvenience pedestrians or other road users. Special care will be taken to ​make sure that pedestrians with sight, hearing or mobility difficulties are not inconvenienced or endangered and that access is maintained for those in wheelchairs and pushing prams.


Footways and carriageways affected by works are to be kept in a tidy and safe condition. Hoardings, scaffolds, warning lights and other features are to be kept clean and neat. Waste, rubbish and litter should not be allowed to accumulate.


As far as possible, works are to be carried out in such a way that noise and dust are kept to a minimum, and at times which will minimise the effect on the City workers, residents and visitors.


The main contractor is to ensure those sub-contractors, suppliers and others working on or near the site maintain the standards of the code of practice.


The constructor/utility/contractor should assume a more positive and proactive approach to communicating with public, identifying ways in which they can improve and deliver this improvement across all their works.


The potential environmental and ecological effects of all operations should be taken in to account and appropriate action should be taken to minimise all forms of pollution. Every effort should be made to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Materials obtained from sustainable sources and local resources used wherever possible.


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