Changing Perceptions: My work experience at GKR

Daniel Loyal, aged 15, from Gads Hill School, joined us for a week on a Work Experience Placement.

We asked him to keep a diary of his perceptions of the business and construction as an industry,

and this is what he recorded for us…


Before the start of this week my overlook on the construction industry was that it was mainly site work dominated. Going to the GKR offices showed me how vital the office jobs were within the trade.

I was taught about how the scaffold industry had different sectors of the work such a financial managers/officer, design teams and the health and safety department etc. I was taught the importance of a CISRS, PPE and software such as AutoCAD within construction.

From the moment I stepped in the staff was welcoming and friendly and the office life was laidback but firm enough that the work/target required gets completed. The office block was smart and sophisticated with a professional feel with well trained staff.


Today I learnt the importance of and how to carry out a risk assessment and how vital it is to the scaffold industry. I was taught the hierarchy of control and was taken on a tour of sites GKR are working on. The lessons were well carried out and the day objective was achieved.


On my third day I was taken to the GKR Academy in the morning to join in on a lesson in leadership / management with scaffolders from GKR. The aim of the lesson was to understand the meaning of ‘customer care ‘ together with the benefits of it.

I also was taught and understood what to do to meet the needs of a customer. All of the staff on the course have been extremely friendly and welcomed me in as if I was part of the company.


In the morning I was taken to the VR Safety Training and learnt that GKR are the first scaffolding company to integrate virtual reality into employee training.

I then visited the yard in Rochester and I learnt how delivery and logistics was carried out and the process of it. The day was very practical and I highly enjoyed it.


I spent time with the Design Engineering team today and was taught how to use AutoCAD. I also spent time with the Estimations team.

Overall my work experience was exceptional  at GKR and I couldn’t speak more highly of it.

The staff were positive and friendly, the week was productive and the idea of working in a construction business appeals to me so much more than it used to.

GKR is a great company and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the industry.


Daniel spent time with many parts of the business this week. Our week has benefited from having a young, engaged and enthusiastic person in the office with us. But he has also given us valuable insight by helping us see our business and the industry through his eyes.

As you can see, one week was enough to enhance his perceptions of our great industry. Lets open our doors to more young people!

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