How we work

We believe scaffolding and construction can be safer, more productive and offer rewarding careers for people of all backgrounds and capabilities. 

Over the last 10 years, GKR has been recognised by the industry as leading the way in training, innovation, and health, safety and wellbeing.


A unique level of service and commitment

As one of the largest scaffolding companies in the UK, GKR is still owner operated which ensures a unique level of service and commitment to our clients and partners.

The leadership team drive the purpose and values for the business and our people to deliver a high-performance environment.


Guaranteed service quality from the start

We believe in developing genuine partnerships, with lasting relationships.

Our quality process is defined by:

Shaping behaviour and culture, so that quality is everyone’s responsibility.

Planning with the client from pre-construction stage through design, programme planning and risk mitigation.

Ensuring that the right people have the right capabilities and experience to deliver the service.
Being a learning organisation, GKR ensure performance is evaluated and we apply learnings to drive improvements, sharing best practice with our clients.

Uncompromising safety performance

Our industry leading safety performance is a result of our continuous drive to reduce risk.

We take an uncompromising approach to both health and safety, managed through regular engagement and measurement, as well as training and continuous improvement processes

Quality of supervision makes the strongest impact in driving a safety culture. Our supervisors receive additional in-house training at the GKR Academy.
All projects are monitored via the Health & Safety Monthly Audit, identifying where additional support is needed as well as tracking trends across the business.
From designing-out risk at the engineering stage to using fully tethered systems on site, we have created industry leading processes to ensure safety.

Technology that delivers results

We continually invest in new technologies to deliver effectiveness and efficiency for clients.

The business uses bespoke software to maximise on-and-off site management and processes. And our award-winning VR training uses psychology to train response in high-risk environments.


A strategic roadmap to Net Zero Carbon​

GKR is Carbon Neutral with a strategic roadmap to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2023.

We are committed to helping repair our planet for future generations by proactively contributing to the construction industry achieving its Net Zero Carbon target.

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