Stoptober means quitting smoking or alcohol throughout October. Quitting these things can majorly improve your mental and physical health. A month without alcohol will better your hydration and sleep so you feel more productive. Your liver, stomach and skin will have also benefited from no alcohol. Within 20 minutes of no smoking, your heart rate […]

Suicide Prevention

It is World Suicide Prevention Day on Saturday the 10th of September. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45. Those in the construction industry are 3 times as likely to commit suicide than any other sector (Construction News). If you are struggling with your mental health, we want to give you the help […]

Supporting the mental health of young<br>people

1 in 7 10-19 year olds experience mental health issues. It can be a difficult time growing up and learning how to deal with your emotions.If you have young people in your family it can be difficult to say the right thing!However with exam results and back to school happening soon, it can be a […]

Leading a Healthier Lifestyle

62% of the population is overweight and there are close links to obesity and mental health issues.Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about weight loss. Your food fuels your body and can control your mood.We want everyone to feel their best so they can perform well at work and feel good in themselves. Tips for […]

Don’t do drugs! They’re bad for you.

Are you aware of the effect drugs have on your mental health? It is all too easy to fall into a cycle of using drink and drugs. Whilst it may not feel like a problem now, there are strong links to drug usage and suicide. Even if you’re using drugs lightly or recreationally they will […]

Managing your gambling

People with a gambling addiction are twice as likely to die from suicide.At least 500 people – mostly young men – kill themselves each year due to a gambling addiction.Becoming a problem gambler can happen quickly, you may not realise you have a problem until its too late.Think about how many times you have truly […]

Managing Your Money

The cost of living is rising which means we all need to manage our spending more carefully.Businesses and people are facing increasing costs so now is the time to get clever about our money.Money is the biggest cause of stress for most of us, managing our money better can lead to better wellbeing. What does […]

Managing Stress

It’s stress awareness month.We all go through stressful periods and learning how to cope with stress is key to better wellbeing.Avoiding managing stress often leads to unhealthy coping mechanisms, which make you feel worse.Addressing your stress is key to feeling better mentally and physically. What is causing your stress? Working out the cause of your […]

Sleep & Fatigue

Overview Good quality sleep can improve your mental health, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, make it easier to lose weight and helps you live longer!1 in 3 of us suffer from poor sleep. Quality of sleep is not just about the hours you get, it’s about getting enough deep sleep.Regularly getting poor sleep results […]

Staying Motivated During Dry January

Overview 1 in 7 of us are pledging to do Dry January this year.   If you have been thinking about doing Dry January, it’s not too late to start! Or maybe you just want to try and have a few more weekends off drinking this year. Whatever you’re doing we want to give you […]